Cirrato Single Server Printing

Cirrato One™ is the industry-shaping Single Server Printing solution that offers multi-site organizations complete print management with a reduced IT footprint. 

One server manages all print queues with minimal bandwidth use, eliminating the need for all other print servers. Our solution also offers a full print management feature set. Including print rules, secure pull printing, device monitoring and reporting. 

Cirrato Embedded  

Cirrato Embedded is available for a large range of multifunctional printers. It offers a unified user experience by releasing print jobs from the printer panel. This means users enjoy maximum convenience when printing documents throughout the organization. Printing is secure, reliable and available, even if the server cannot be reached.

Cirrato Secure Pull Print

End users print to a generic print queue. Print jobs are held in this queue until a user is physically at a device. Users can release jobs via card swipe, short ID or user credentials. This prevents unauthorized users to see potentially confidential information. Secure printing can be installed with a card reader or embedded. And with Cirrato One Embedded Print, users can continue to print even if the server is unavailable.

Why Cirrato?

With Cirrato One, IT will enjoy one central point of control over the entire printing environment. Printing is fast and reliable, and uses minimal bandwidth. 

These are the benefits for both the IT department and the end users when you implement a single server printing solution:

  • Single server printing 
  • Bandwidth reduction
  • Redundancy: printing always works
  • Single click printer installation (end-users)
  • Centralized driver management
  • Targeted messaging if printer is unavailable
  • Use printer native drivers
  • Manage USB printers

BUT Cirrato offers more:

  • Secure Pull Print
  • Embedded Pull Print applications for all major brands
  • Rules based printing
  • User quotas
  • Device monitoring
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
More about Cirrato

Here you can find some more information about the product and additional data sheets. If you have any further questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

Cirrato Single Server Printing
White Paper Printing
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