Capture and process documents seamlessly to automate workflows and increase productivity

Mobile environments require organizations to be collaborative, connected and productive. As digitization becomes more critical, the document lifecycle often creates operational inefficiencies when distributed employees need to securely capture, share and edit documents.

Kofax eCopy enables mobile workforces to capture documents using highly efficient digital processes. Your employees can work more collaboratively, both internally and externally, through a single productivity solution. With Kofax eCopy, your organization can automate workflows to drive seamless, electronic transactions, eliminate bottlenecks, and quickly on-ramp documents digitally.

Digitize Your Documents So You Can Work Like Tomorrow

Kofax eCopy empowers your organization to work today like the digitally enabled business of tomorrow by offering:

Customizable workflows

On-ramp documents to all destinations with intuitive workflow buttons. Get fast, error-free documents scanned and converted to formats that make your business run smoothly.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory Services for secure login and personalized workflows, convert scanned documents into Microsoft Office formats, and connect directly to Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Extension to mobile devices

Integrate with the optional Kofax Business Connect mobile application so the same workflows that appear on your MFD can now be extended to mobile devices to capture documents to the same destinations.

Improved versatility of multi-function devices

Improve the mobility of document capture and easily deploy across the enterprise

Collaboration tools

Connect the user experience at the MFP with the most popular directory, email, fax and collaboration systems to share documents across teams

More about eCopy

Here you can find some more information about the product and additional data sheets. If you have any further questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

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