Manage, secure and govern documents with unified print, capture and workflow automation

Kofax ControlSuite is the most robust solution on the market delivering workflow automation, security and governance across print, capture and output management on a single, robust and integrated platform. The power of the platform lies in its market leading OCR capabilities, its superior print management security and the flexibility it delivers to a mobile workforce.

Kofax ControlSuite Foundations

Works well for organizations that need integrated print and capture but have fewer business process automation connectors. Foundations provides support for over 25 business process management applications.

Kofax ControlSuite Enterprise

Suits organizations with a wide range of print and capture needs in more complex network environments. This is due to its ability to accommodate high volume workflows in mission-critical environments with support for High Availability network architectures. Organizations who have business process automation in documentintensive applications benefit from its support for over 40 applications

Print and Capture so you can Work Like Tomorrow

The integrated capabilities of Kofax ControlSuite empower your organization to work today like the workforce of tomorrow and quickly adapt to the increasing demand for fast, stress-free and safe information access—all in a single, easy-to-manage solution that includes:

Robust Print Management

Minimize network security risks with the versatility needed to maximize print cost savings with the most powerful, flexible print solution on the market.

Award-Winning Enterprise Data Capture

Orchestrate the secure delivery of paper, electronic document and data into business applications from a variety of capture points.

Powerful Output Management

Utilize intelligent governance for document control and print management to improve document security, minimize inefficiencies and mitigate compliance risks.
More about ControlSuite

Here you can find some more information about the product and additional data sheets. If you have any further questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

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