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Our experience is that the world has not become simpler when it comes to print management, but quite the opposite. In order to identify the optimal solution for a customer, it is required that a number of different questions are answered, such as does the customer have a cloud strategy, what authentication technology is used, what does the infrastructure look like, what security requirements do they have, etc.

This means that we as experts and advisors need a variety of solutions, all of which have their different strengths and meet different types of requirements, as there is no single product that can handle everything.


Does or should your business make the move to the cloud? If you have started the move to eg MS Office 365, Azure AD and are thinking about how you can consolidate or move your print management and scanning to the cloud, we have the best solutions on the market that solve this.

Print Management

There are a number of factors that affect which solution best suits the customer, such as infrastructure, requirements for (de) centralization, mobility, quota management, what type of hardware you have (mixed machinery?) and of course security requirements. By working with the market's best solutions, we can always ensure that the customer receives the optimal solution.

Capture & Workflow

We have extensive experience in helping customers streamline their business and business processes by simplifying information and document flows. Regardless of the source of the information, it must often be processed before it is sent on to various storage locations such as archives, systems and processes. We can solve this plus security increases and you can meet compliance better. We have helped customers in all industries and including the public sector (government agencies, county councils and municipalities) with this and are happy to take on your challenge.

Printer Management

Do more in less time. 3manager makes life easier when it comes to understanding and managing your fleet of printers. More than 11,000 customers use 3manager daily to receive automatic reports on utilization rates, their leasing agreements, understand where unnecessary costs are and last but not least, a clear picture of what CO2 emissions their printouts create.

Mainframe & AFP / IPDS

MPI Tech's product portfolio ranges from large and medium-sized printing solutions via various types of host and server software to Embedded and stand-alone hardware-based protocol converter for pure LAN connection.