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Netprint Presale

We have experience and knowledge in this industry that few can match, and through our business developers and skilled system consultants you can also take part of that experience and knowledge.

Everyone who is a partner of Netprint can take advantage of our Presale services, at no extra cost. Our philosophy is that all partners are equally valuable, regardless of whether it is a deal of 2 MFPs with Pull Print, or whether it is a global deal with 4-5000 MFPs. We are there in all situations. 

In the menu on the right, you can read a selection of the added value we deliver to our partners around the country. 

We are happy to follow and meet end customers, where we are there as a sounding board to help both partner and customer understand the conditions and needs they have. 

We are very used to reading and interpreting procurements in our area. Feel free to get help from us as we can easily see what is "between the lines" and together come up with a strategically winning proposal. 

What are the customer's special challenges, e.g. cloud, security, mobility or label printer? 
We help you solve them regardless.

In an implementation project of a Pull Print solution, it is important to know if the cards to be used for authentication have several different RFID technologies. We test the cards and come up with suggestions on what the configuration might look like before a rollout.

Of course, the customer must be able to test the product they want to buy before they make a decision. Netprint helps throughout the project with everything from delimitations in the requirements to installing and configuring the solutions.

We want our partners to be self-sufficient, and therefore we see it as a good investment to help them get started when they bring in a new solution from our portfolio. We train you in what you need to get started.

Netprint Consulting


Installation on-premise, hybrid, or in data center? Multiserver for redundancy and load balancing? We have the experience and perform installation according to best practice

Server upgrade

Is it time to upgrade the server? We make sure to upgrade and minimize downtime so that users hardly notice anything

Server move

We help you through everything you should think about and carry out the server move as often as possible, without stopping production

Solution architecture

Finding the right solution, and setting it up according to the customer's unique conditions is our specialty.


If something does not work, we are there to help sort out where the error is, and hopefully also fix it immediately.


Do you need more knowledge about any of our products? No problem, we have training with us, both in-house as well as our manufacturers.


Documentation may sound trivial, but having accurate information on hand in case something should happen is important.


An IT environment is never static, but constantly evolving. We can help you ensure that the printing platform keeps pace with the rest of your environment.

End customer

If you are going to procure a new solution, you must contact us first. We can help you with a strategy, "best-practice" and to avoid the costly pitfalls.

Netprint Support


We have a staffed help desk that we are very proud of. You can either contact our support through our support portal, e-mail or by phone.

Netprint Helpdesk agreement

Should a customer need additional support from us, in the form of being able to ask advisory questions directly to us, we can sign an agreement directly with them.

General questions

We have a broad experience from almost all solutions and printer manufacturers on the market. Do not hesitate to ask us strange questions, because we have probably received them before.