Enterprise Output Management for Open Systems

As the flagship product in our VPSX® family of solutions, VPSX Enterprise™ software provides robust, scalable output management for UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®, and other distributed environments. Designed to capture large document volumes from any application or platform, the solution can then store, control, and reliably deliver the output to distributed printers, fax servers, file servers, and other devices.

VPSX Enterprise acts as a central point of document control for:

Collecting Output

VPSX Enterprise collects output using standard network protocols including LPR and IPP or more advanced connection methods like the LRS/Queue protocol.  This unique connection method supports up to 256-bit encryption of output streams and data compression levels exceeding 90%. LRS/Queue connectivity lets you control every aspect of document capture, processing, formatting, delivery, and tracking.

Storing Documents

VPSX Enterprise has short-term document retention for IT operational support so you can preview and retain ”printed” documents for rerouting and reprinting as needed. The software integrates with PageCenterX® for secure long term document storage and retrieval of any document or file type.  PageCenterX features Microsoft® Office integration for easy access and search as an open API for third-party and custom integration.

Controlling Document Environments

VPSX Enterprise acts as a single point of control for all output, including features for automatic recovery from most common document delivery failures. With the intuitive web-based control interface, administrators and authorized end users are able to view the status of all output destinations as well as manage multiple remote instances from a central screen.

Document Transforms

While some products specialize in converting print data streams, LRS solves the end-to-end processes of printing and delivering the required datastream. LRS document transforms can handle popular data streams such as PCL, PDF, PS, AFP, IFF, LCDS and OTF, over any network.

Delivering Critical Business Documents

VPSX Enterprise routes business documents to the intended destination, and can provide feedback to the sending application of delivery failure or success. The solution encrypts document content when necessary to avoid compromising sensitive data and delivers them to printers, email recipients, fax and file servers, and countless other destinations. In the event of network or hardware problems, the software can re-route application output to alternate destinations to minimize the impact on your business. Powerful document compression capabilities enable a high number of concurrent printing sessions while minimizing network traffic.

More about VPSX

Here you can find some more information about the product and additional data sheets. If you have any further questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

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